Cláudia Bom, journalist and passionate about cooking and baking. I love my family and I love travel. I'm living in Utah – and loving it – but crazy about going back home.

My Passion for cooking: all my family cooks very well – and this is already a big encouragement to me – but my interest in learning how to cook started around the age of ten, inspired by a chocolate craving. So, the first recipe I learned was Brazilian Chocolate Candy (Brigadeiro), a traditional birthday candy from Brazil, which is also the first recipe in this blog. Ever since, my passion for food and will to learn has grown and this site is a big proof of that.

Thanks! The first one to get my thank is my husband, Flavio. For all the help to make this blog happens, and for support all my dreams, helping some of them to become true. Last, but not least, my family. Thank you for all the love and good memories enjoyed around the table.
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