March 26, 2012

Cumin Beef Potato

Simple and easy to prepare, this recipe tastes like mom's food.

(4 servings / 1 hour) 
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1 pound beef sirloin, top sirloin or tenderloin cut into cubes
salt, pepper and cumin to taste
1 teaspoon vinegar
1 large onion, chopped
4 chopped garlic cloves
1 tbs. canola oil
4 diced yellow potatoes

1 - Season the meat with salt, pepper, cumin, garlic and vinegar and mix well. Leave in a covered bowl for 20 minutes, in the refrigerator.
2 - In a pressure cooker, heat canola oil and place the meat.
3 - Wait until the meat is browned on one side, stir and let it brown a little more.
4 - Add onions, mixing well.
5 - Add 2 tablespoons water and cover the pan.
6 - On medium heat, leave cooking for about 10 minutes, after pressure starts.
7 - After the pan is cool, open the lid and add potatoes. Stir.
8 - Cover pan again and return to high heat, for 3 minutes.

  • You can serve this dish with other vegetables such as green beans (photo), asparagus, peas, or sauteed kale or collard greens.
  • Corn cream or a green salad are also good side dishes.
  • Before use your pressure cooker, read the product manual instructions.

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