January 10, 2012

Eye of Round with Red Wine

Meat so tender that it melts...

(4 to 5 servings)

1 whole eye of round (about 1lb.)
5 garlic cloves
1 cup red wine
salt and pepper to taste
a pinch of paprika, cumin and nutmeg
1 lemon
1 large onion
canola oil (or olive oil)
½ cup water

1 – With a knife, make small holes in the meat and put inside each one a clove of garlic.
2 – Season meat with salt, pepper and other spices.
3 – Place meat in a bowl, squeeze the lemon juice and red wine.
4 – Covered, let it rest at least 2 hours in the refrigerator.
5 – In the pressure cooker, heat the oil and place meat only (no broth seasoning), letting get brown on both sides (at about 5 minutes per side)
6 - Add onion, chopped into four pieces, the broth remaining in the bowl and ½ cup water. Stir and cover the pan.
7 – Bring pressure cooker to full pressure, in high heat.
8 – Reduce heat to medium high and cook for 45-60 minutes.
9 – Remove pressure cooker from heat and use quick-release following manufacturer's instructions or allow pressure to drop on its own.
10 – Open cooker and turn the heat to high, to thicken the broth.

To get tastier meat, you can season it the day before and let it marinate in the refrigerator, covered.
Change the wine for dark beer.
After cooking the meat, add 1 red pepper sliced and cook for 5 minutes more.
Leftovers? Shred and freeze it. If you want to make a delicious sandwich, saute meat with sliced onions and tomatoes.

Original recipe (in Portuguese): Lagarto ao Vinho Tinto.

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