January 27, 2012

Brazilian Chocolate Pudding

A variation of a very traditional Brazilian candy, brigadeiro, this chocolate pudding is easy to prepare and really tasty.

(12 to 15 servings / 1:30 hours)

2 cans condensed milk
6 eggs
6 oz. coconut milk
1 ½ cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tbs. butter
7 oz. unsweetened chocolate chips
chocolate sprinkles

1 – Beat all ingredients in blender until they are well mixed.
2 – Place the mixture in a well greased non-stick bundt cake pan.
3 – Then, put the bundt pan in a baking sheet filled with 2/3 of water (the pudding has to double boiler - bain marie - into the oven).
4 – Bake at 350°F (in a pre-heated oven) for about 1 hour.
5 – Let it cool down.
6 – Turn pudding upside down on a plate, spread the melted chocolate and decorate with chocolate sprinkles.

  • Add fresh cherries and strawberries as garnish.
  • Pudding will be fully cooked when the edges unglued from bundt cake pan.

*this recipe was created and sent by one of our readers, Roseli Pereira.

Original recipe (in Portuguese): Brigadeirão de Forno.

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